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Give discovery a
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U.S. DMF, EP-certified,
Non-animal sourced
U.S. manufactured
since 1982
Lifecore Biomedical has a 40-year history producing products that have impacted more than 150 million patients worldwide. Our sodium hyaluronate (NaHy) is U.S.-manufactured using a microbial fermentation and purification process which sets the industry standard.
Whether you need research-grade, hydrogels, custom modifications, or GMP injectable-grade for clinical or commercial use, we offer a broad range of average molecular weights for your application. Learn more about our Sodium Hyaluronate products, orders, and more by visiting our FAQ page.

Powder is Preferable ​

Batches are thoroughly mixed prior to rapid, efficient precipitation, yielding pure, uniform NaHy powder that is easy to handle and weigh accurately, providing precise formulation control.
Internal studies of our NaHy powder, using shear rates that are significantly higher than normal for standard formulation processes, demonstrate that molecular weight is well-maintained during high-shear mixing.*
Molecular Weight Maintained in Formulation
*30 min of mixing 0.5% wt HA did not result in substantial molecular weight change(<10% after 30 min of shear). Testing performed with IKA T-25 ULTRA-TURRAX® fitted with S25-18G attachment operated at 20,000 rpm( ≈ 40,000 s-1). ULTRA-TURRAX is a registered trademark of IKA-Werke, Germany.

Benefits of Lifecore Sodium Hyaluronate

Proven Applications Worldwide

Lifecore CDMO services include the manufacture of >20 commercially approved injectable products containing sodium hyaluronate.

Our sodium hyaluronate has been used as an active device component, excipient, carrier, and API across a wide range of applications, including:

Standard Products for Research Use

All Research-Use NaHy is derived from GMP batches with an average molecular weight from
5 KDa-1.8 MDa.

Hydrogels for Drug Delivery

Corgel® BioHydrogel products are biocompatible and can be tailored for use across various medical applications.

GMP & Custom Modifications

Let us help with your custom NaHy tag or chemical modification to get you to a GMP scale and your first-in-human clinical trial.
Corgel® BioHydrogel technology is covered by US patents 6,982,298; 7,368,502; 7,465,766. Cleveland Clinic is a © of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Lifecore Biomedical and Corgel are trademarks of Lifecore Biomedical.