Sodium hyaluronate.
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Whether you need research-grade, pharmaceutical and injectable-grade, hydrogels, or custom modifications, we offer a broad range of average molecular weights which can be tailored for use in R&D, clinical, and commercial applications.

All Lifecore products are backed by our extensive quality history, technical support, and responsive service.

Orders and Technical Service

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High Quality Options

All NaHy is manufactured in powdered form, from pharmaceutical-grade lots or derived from pharmaceutical lots, with an average molecular weight from 5KDa-1.8MDa.

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Hydrogels for Drug Delivery

Corgel® BioHydrogel* products are biocompatible and can be tailored for use across various medical applications.

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Custom Modifications

Let us help with your custom NaHy tag or chemical modification to get you to a GMP scale and your first-in-human clinical trial.

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Therapeutic Applications

Our sodium hyaluronate has been used as excipients, carriers and APIs across a wide range of applications, including:

  • Drug delivery
  • Biomaterials
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Aesthetics
  • Oncology
  • Pain management

Corgel® BioHydrogel

Lifecore licensed the patented Corgel® BioHydrogel technology from the Cleveland Clinic. Based on di-hydroxyphenyl linkages of tyramine substituted sodium hyaluronate (NaHy), this biocompatible hyaluronan hydrogel meets ISO 10993 safety and toxicity standards.

Corgel® BioHydrogel has a wide range of physical properties depending on the tyramine substitution (TS) percentage and the tyramine substituted hyaluronan (TS-NaHy) concentration. Our hydrogels are formed from TS-NaHy solutions of 6.25 – 100 mg/mL and display a spectrum of physical properties that include those of a weak gel, a paste, or a fragile solid.

  • Corgel® Kits are available with 1%, 3%, or 5% TS of NaHy.
  • Depending on the targeted TS-NaHy concentration, Corgel® Kits yield a total of between 5 and 50mLs.


Do you need a tunable hydrogel?

Corgel® BioHydrogel can be formed under physiologic conditions, allowing for the direct inclusion of cells or bioactive agents prior to or during cross-linking. Alternatively, in situ cross-linking directly adjacent to living tissue can be done while maintaining cell and tissue viability.

The degree of substitution required for using Corgel® is very low (1% – 5%), meaning that much of the native sodium hyaluronate structure and behavior can be maintained.

Both the functional groups and the resulting cross-linked structures have unique photometric properties that allow for the evaluation of the degree of substitution and cross-linking.

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Custom Modifications

We help you tailor and enhance the function of NaHy:

  • Cross-linking
  • Add pendant groups, APIs or custom linkers
  • Pilot production and scale-up to a cGMP process
  • Other modifications

We collaborate with you to develop manufacturing processes and scale your product from formulation and pilot studies all the way to cGMP manufacturing (clinical and commercial).

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Beyond our NaHy legacy, our expertise empowers drug development, innovation, and manufacturing for others.

Discover Development Options

Decades working with highly viscous products (>100,000 cP) mean we know how to do straightforward-to-difficult development the right way, from the start.

Maximize Your Manufacturing

As a full-service CDMO, we help simplify complexities for all clinical and commercial aseptic injectable products.

*Corgel® BioHydrogel technology is covered by US patents 6,982,298; 7,368,502; 7,465,766. Cleveland Clinic is a © of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Lifecore Biomedical and Corgel are trademarks of Lifecore Biomedical.

Large-Scale, Reproducible Process

U.S.-manufactured for more than 40 years using a microbial fermentation and purification process which sets the industry standard.

Global Approvals

  • U.S. DMF (FDA for drug and device)
  • EP-certified
  • JP-compliant

Proven Applications Worldwide

  • Currently manufacture 20+ commercially approved injectable products containing sodium hyaluronate
  • Used in the treatment of more than 100 million patients