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Our Campus

Lifecore’s campus is conveniently located 20 miles west of Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) airport. The area provides well-developed infrastructure, but also has space for continuing expansion. 

The Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) metropolitan area, Lifecore’s headquarters for many years, and the state of MN have an established reputation for incubating health innovation. Located within Minnesota’s Medical Alley along with 800+ healthcare organizations, we’re pleased to have access to a technically strong, local talent pool. 

150,000 sq. ft

  • Manufacturing Operations
    • Sodium Hyaluronate Manufacturing (fermentation)
    • Drug and Medical Device Formulation and Filling
    • Secondary Packaging
    • Quality Control Laboratories
      • Microbiology and Analytical
    • Warehousing
    • Distribution
  • Contract Development​ ​
    • Pilot Laboratory

78,000 sq. ft

  • Manufacturing Operations​​
    • Final Packaging​
    • Warehousing​
    • Distribution
    • Quality Control Laboratories
      • Analytical and Particulate
      • Stability Chambers
  • Contract Development​​
    • Development Laboratory

20,000 sq. ft

  • Manufacturing Operations​​
    • Raw Material and Component Receipt, Inspection, and Warehousing