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Standard Products for
Research Use

Give your discovery a head start! As the only contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that produces NaHy, our research-grade products are derived from GMP batches for easy translation from pre-clinical to clinical and commercial.

Molecular weight (MW) range of 100KDa to 1.8MDa is aliquoted from lots that are EU Pharmacopoeia-certified and Japanese Pharmacopoeia-compliant monographs for NaHy in addition to our pharmaceutical specifications.

MW below 100 KDa are derived from these pharmaceutical lots by hydrolysis and limited, additional processing.

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Acceptance Criteria

Options & Pricing

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Molecular Weight Range(Daltons)
Price USD
Part No.
Molecular Weight Range (Daltons)
5 Gram Price USD
Part No.


  • Typical processing and shipping time is 3-5 days. For out-of-stock or custom orders, a representative will communicate estimated timing.
  • All Standard Products are for Research Use Only – Not for Human Use. Please inquire for Clinical and Commercial Use.​
  • The ranges listed are for cataloging purposes only. A discrete average molecular weight is reported on the Certificate of Test that accompanies product.
  • Shipping is not included in pricing. All shipments are FedEx Priority Overnight (standard) or FedEx 2-Day (in certain geographies) unless purchaser selects their own carrier. Shipping cost does not include any customs fees or import duties.
  • Orders ship in an insulated shipper with ice packs.
  • US$25 handling will be added to each order.
  • Additional credit card and wire transfer fees may apply.
  • Lifecore Biomedical Terms and Conditions apply.

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