Research Grade Sodium Hyaluronate

Since 1982, Lifecore has been a global leader in sodium hyaluronate production.

Our research grade sodium hyaluronate is available in powder form in both standard and custom modified options to ensure you get consistent quality needed for scientific papers and product development.

Standard Product Options

Sodium hyaluronate in the molecular weight (MW) range of 100KDa to 1.8MDa is aliquoted from lots that meet the European Pharmacopoeia and Japanese Pharmacopoeia monographs for sodium hyaluronate in addition to Lifecore Biomedical’s pharmaceutical specifications. MW below 100KDa are derived from these pharmaceutical lots by hydrolysis and limited additional processing.

You can read more about our certifications here.




Lifecore now offers two shipping options for our research products:

FedEx Priority Overnight and FedEx 2 Day

All orders will ship in an insulated shipper with ice packs.


Custom sodium hyaluronate

Over our 35+ years in the industry, we have seen the uses for sodium hyaluronate grow and evolve. That’s why, in addition to these standard options, we can customize and modify sodium hyaluronate to your specifications and scale.

Contact us about your custom sodium hyaluronate needs.

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