Project & Product Management

Lifecore’s staff of Certified Project & Product Managers has decades of collective experience. You can benefit from their proven history of assisting clients by efficiently managing projects along their development path.

The long tenure of our project managers’ means that, in addition to a well-documented project, there is institutional memory and continuity. These elements are invaluable to clients as your teams change depending upon the project phase. In the end, we are here to help make sure your product makes it to market on-time, on-budget, and with a reliable supply.

Once a product is commercialized by our clients, we assign a product manager and product support team to ensure smooth communication about forecasting and demand requirements, shipments, yearly stability studies, packaging and process changes, regulatory updates, and any other product issues. This product manager has the continued goal of managing the ongoing supply of your drug product to ensure you and your patients can count on a safe, reliable supply.