Mission & Values

Lifecore's business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty medical products. The medical use of our products mandates that we take ultimate care in assuring quality throughout all of our operations. We recognize that our business existence and continued success is dependent on how well we meet our responsibilities to several important groups of people.

Our Customers

Our first responsibility is to our customers and their patients. Without them, our business lacks purpose and value. We strive to distinguish ourselves by delivering the highest quality products and services for their needs.

Our concept of value is to provide the best materials at competitive prices delivered with reliability, courtesy and professionalism. We believe that U.S. companies should endeavor to become corporate citizens of the world. Therefore, our marketing interests reflect a worldwide application of these principles.

Our Employees

We have a deep personal responsibility to our employees. As an equal opportunity employer, we try to create an environment where every employee is provided the opportunity to develop their skills. We expect to reward employees commensurate with their contributions to the success of the Company. Our emphasis is in providing an atmosphere that leads to longer retention of those employees enriching the Company's experience base.

Our Corporate Business Partners

We are committed to honesty and integrity in all relationships with suppliers and partners of goods and services. We are demanding but fair; evaluating our suppliers on the basis of quality, price, and service.

Our Community

We recognize community involvement as an important obligation and as a viable business objective. Support of worthwhile community projects in areas where we operate accrues to the health and well-being of the community making it a better place for our employees and a better business environment.